Welcome reception
October 1, 2012

Two outstanding students and several faculty and staff members were honored during the NSCAD Welcome and Awards Reception, held Wednesday, Sept. 26 at the Port Campus.

Claudia Legg, a second year student from Middle Musquodoboit, was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteerism Medal. As well as studying at NSCAD, Claudia works part time and volunteers with the Halifax Pride Committee, Katimavik and, as part of a farm family, is active in the local food movement.

Claudia says the benefits of volunteering include gaining a greater understanding of her community, meeting new friends and finding mentors –plus, she says, “It’s really good for my soul and my art practice.”

Halley Davies, a fourth year student, was presented with the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence by Dean Christine Holzer-Hunt. According to Professor Sol Nagler, Halley “emanates ambition, and challenges herself in whatever she does … she’s the kind of student who always surprises you.”

As well as being an excellent student, Halley, who is studying photography and film, has taken her education out of the classroom by volunteering on film and TV sets in her spare time. After graduation, she aspires to work behind the camera as a cinematographer or a director.

Comparing herself to a sponge and “absorbing as much as I can,” she says NSCAD has allowed her to grow and learn with its hands-on approach, small classes and supportive atmosphere. “Every step of the way has been an exciting and fulfilling journey,” she said.

Several employees were awarded Employee Long Service Awards, including Christopher McFarlane and Kevin Cordeau (15 years), Richard Morash, Kenneth Lamb, Anke Fox and David Howard (20 years), Alex Livingston, Neil Forrest and Frances Cameron (25 years), Jan Peacock and Wilma Needham (30 years) and Susan McEachern topping the list with 35 years of service at NSCAD.

Halley Davies was presented with the Dean's Award for Academic Excellence by Dean Christine Holzer-Hunt.