Masthead - Port Campus

NSCAD’s latest major development was the completion in 2007 of the University’s third campus – the 70,000 square foot Port Campus. This stunning architectural achievement is a dramatic symbol of NSCAD’s significant presence in the community. The NSCAD Port Campus features 18-foot ceilings, generous natural lighting, and an uninterrupted view of the harbour from second floor studios through 172 feet of glass curtain. The Port Campus houses many of the university’s more industrial program components, including sculpture studios, wood shop, metal shop, foundry, product design and a ceramics complex unequalled in Canada. In addition, NSCAD’s Port Campus acts as the primary academic centre for first-year foundation students. Their presence throughout the Port neighbourhood will encourage the growth of a more extensive and dynamic arts and culture district.

Research funding is supporting a growing collaboration between art and science in innovative integrations of electronics and product development. The university is forging relationships with galleries, museums and other cultural institutions in Canada and around the world, to yield new career prospects for NSCAD graduates. From artists and craftspersons, to entrepreneurs and small business owners, to designers of modern health and environmental products, NSCAD University alumni are already among Canada’s most highly-regarded creative professionals. NSCAD has been expanding student exchange opportunities and strengthening our profile in major art centres such as London and New York as well as forging new collaborations in Asia and Africa.

Port Campus interior

A glimpse of the Port Campus' interior.
Photo by Alvin Comiter.

Academy Building from hill

The Academy Building, home to the university's film studies.