Atlantic Common University Dataset (ACUDS)


A. General Information
  A 1. Address information
  A 2. Credentials awarded 
  A 3. Degrees conferred by program
  A 4. Male enrolment by program
  A 5. Female enrolment by program
  A 6. Total enrolment by program
  A 7. Full-time enrolment by immigration status

B. Admission
  B 1. Full-time first-year first-time registrants by degree
  B 2. Undergraduate program admission requirements  
  B 3. Secondary school averages of full-time, first year students by range and degree
  B 4. Application fee
  B 5. Admission in winter, spring, summer terms
  B 6. Deferred admission

C. Transfer Admission from Other Post Secondary Institutions
  C 1. Enroll transfer students?
  C 2. Number of transfer students
  C 3. Transfer credit policies

D. Library Collections
  D 1. Library collections

E. Student Life
  E 1. Residence of first-time, first-year undergraduate students
  E 2. Students living on campus
  E 3. Extracurricular activities offered
  E 4. Housing

F. Student Experience Information
  F 1. Results from NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) 2009 survey
  F 2. Results from the CGPSS (Canadian Graduate Professional Student Survey) 2009 survey

G. Annual Student Expenses
  G 1. Tuition, ancillary fees, room & board, and other expenses
  G 2. First year tuition and ancillary fees by program

H. Instructional Faculty and Class Size
  H 1. Number of instructional faculty members
  H 2. Undergraduate class size by year level

I. University Revenue and Expenses
  I 1. University revenue
  I 2. University expenses

J. Research
  J 1. Research awards by granting council

K. Other Useful Information
  K 1. Strategic plan
  K 2. Graduation rate
  K 3. Retention rate 2009