Student Life

E 1. Residence of first-time, first-year Undergraduate Students
E 2. Students living on campus

E. 4. Housing

NSCAD does not provide on-campus housing. However, an arrangement with Saint Mary's University provides NSCAD students with equal priority access to residence housing.

Many students rent furnished rooms from private owners or share an apartment, flat or house with other students. As new students get to know other students at the university, opportunities for less expensive shared rentals begin to occur.

Since there is a large student population in Halifax during the school year, students entering NSCAD in September or January may experience more difficulty in finding acceptable accommodation than students entering the university for the summer session. Students entering NSCAD in September or January should therefore investigate housing options early (approximately two months before arrival) and plan to arrive in Halifax at least two weeks prior to the beginning of classes in order to confirm the necessary residence arrangements. Students entering the university in the May semester should arrive in the city a week or two before classes begin.

To help students locate acceptable accommodation, the Office of Student and Academic Services maintains a searchable Off Campus Housing Database.

E 3. Extracurricular Activities Offered

NSCAD has a vibrant and active student community. The NSCAD Student Union (SUNSCAD) coordinates clubs, activities and events throughout the school year.