Strategic Framework

Let me share with you NSCAD’s strategic framework 2015-2020.

As you read on, you will discover our focus is upon four strategic pillars NURTURE, CURIOSITY, STEWARD and CONNECT. I am hopeful we will ignite your curiosity to learn more.

RESPECT, PRIDE, COLLEGIALITY and TRUST are the four core values that will frame critical decision making through a period of transition and enable a positive, vibrant culture
to continue to prosper.

I invite you to connect with us and join our transformational journey to deliver our vision and mission as NSCAD continues as an influential, world-renowned and independent university of visual art, craft and design.

Thank you for helping NSCAD University to realize its mission, and so the conversation continues…

Professor Dianne Taylor-Gearing
President, NSCAD University

NSCAD University is well positioned to move forward as an independent institution.

This strategic framework will provide direction for a sustained period of growth, vibrancy and prosperity. It is the result of many hours of consultation, the review of thousands of pages of documents, and the passion of each and every person who
contributed to the process.

With the approval of NSCAD University’s Strategic Framework 2015-2020, the Board of Governors, President, administration, faculty, students, alumni, friends and supporters have a clear pathway to advance.

Now is the time to boldly seize our own future with courage and tenacity, clearly communicating and delivering our vision to set the standard for a 21st century university of the visual arts. Together, we can achieve extraordinary results.

2015–2016 Annual Report

NSCAD Annual Report 2015-2016

We are pleased to present NSCAD University’s 2015–2016 Annual Report. Throughout the report, follow our timeline capturing a year in the life of NSCAD—beginning with events such as the opening of I AM NSCAD, a landmark exhibition which brought together the works of more than 160 alumni artists while at the same time unveiling exciting renovations at the Anna Leonowens Gallery. From there, it was just one highlight after another—our 129th year was truly an outstanding one.