Visit NSCAD for Tours and Appointments


Cambridge Suites Hotel and NSCAD University have partnered to offer prospective students and their families a special nightly rate when you visit for a NSCAD tour or appointment.

$121 for Studio Suites, including parking for one vehicle, continental breakfast, free internet. Make your reservation directly with the Cambridge Suites Hotel by telephone or email below, referencing NSCAD.


If you subsequently enrol in our degree program within a year of your visit, we’ll reimburse you for one night’s stay ($117)!*

Complete this form to register your Cambridge Suites Hotel stay with NSCAD University and to qualify for the special rate and free night.

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*NSCAD will only reimburse for the base cost of one night's stay at Cambridge Suites Hotel. The maximum payable is $117. To qualify for reimbursement, one must meet all of the following conditions.

1) The prospective student must register for the NSCAD visit by completing this form in advance of the date of the NSCAD Visit

2) The prospective student must make the hotel reservation directly with Cambridge Suites Hotel reservations department using the NSCAD special rate.

3) The date of the hotel stay and the NSCAD Tour / Portfolio Day / appointment must coincide.

4) The student must be accepted and register full-time at NSCAD in a degree program within a year of the visit.

5) The student's home town/city on this form and on the undergraduate application for admission must match.

6) The home town/city must be at least 200 km from NSCAD in Halifax.