Art History

The Art History program offers NSCAD students an opportunity to focus on historical, theoretical, and critical approaches to the study of art, architecture, craft and design, while they are developing a strong studio practice. While the emphasis of the Art History program is on Western art of the 19th and 20th centuries, there are frequent opportunities to look at non-Western art and to engage in the critical discourse that surrounds the production of art.

Critical Studies

Courses in critical studies range from social criticism to semiotics. An interdisciplinary subject drawing on contributions from throughout the university, critical studies encourage critical analysis of the visual realm.


The university offers a series of courses to assist students in developing writing and analysis skills important for their success as artists, craftspersons and designers.

Film History

Courses in film studies are offered both through the art history offerings of the university and through courses offered by the other universities that are part of the Metro Consortium Universities. The Minor in Film Studies is available to students in the BA and BFA programs within this consortium.

Division of Art History and Contemporary Culture

Art History and Contemporary Culture General Campus Guide