The ceramics program is designed to develop an understanding of vessel, sculptural and architectural ceramics, as well as of materials, process and techniques. An awareness of historical and contemporary issues in ceramics and the acquisition of particular skills enable students to develop an informed perspective on their work.

Jewellery Design & Metalsmithing

Jewellery design and metalsmithing are experiencing a renaissance of diverse creative approaches. A wide variety of concepts and philosophies affect the work, while critical discussions about content and form create a new language of metal. The program offers a broadly based metals education, including studies of art jewellery, holloware, product design and metal business practice. Design and technical projects emphasize problem-solving. From basic skills development, students go on to explore advanced technical procedures and to develop design ideas.

Textiles & Fashion

The Textiles program introduces students to the diverse field of textiles, which encompasses art, science and technology. Students master the basic techniques and design skills involved in the textile traditions of weaving, dyeing, and printing. Students will examine the relationship between materials, processes, and the maker, as well as the critical role that textiles have played in world cultures.

As part of the Textiles program, Fashion courses at NSCAD offer students a balanced curriculum through which to develop skills and knowledge related to imaginative design and technical proficiency. The fashion curriculum explores issues and meaning of fashion and body covering within the intensive study of the conceptualization, production and embellishment of cloth and other materials. The resulting product will have application to the development of individual garments, costuming for film, theater and dance, wearable art and haute couture. A Minor in Fashion is available.

Interdisciplinary Craft

Interdisciplinary craft courses allow students to explore a diverse range of craft concerns from an interdisciplinary approach. These courses also provide senior level students with the opportunity for independent study and internship placements.

Dye swatches by Anna Heywood-Jones.
He who is without sin by Habiba El-Sayed.
Enamelled neckpiece by Tamika Knutson.