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Pam Ritchie

Born in Amherst, Nova Scotia  Pamela Ritchie quickly distinguished herself with a Nova Scotia Talent Trust Scholarship and a major award from the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, to pursue post graduate jewellery research in Norway.

Returning to Canada, to complete her MFA she has become one of our most prolific artist-jewellers, participating in group and solo exhibitions throughout North America, Australia, Japan, Korea, UK and Europe.

Professor of the Jewellery Department at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design since 1985, Pamela Ritchie has continued to develop the BFA and MFA degree programs in jewellery design into an internationally recognized Department, offering traditional and non traditional methodologies.

Of her teaching, one of her students, Paul McClure has remarked:

"My experience as a student of Pamela Ritchie was integral to my development as an artist.  Her extensive knowledge of art and jewellery and her ability to challenge and encourage my work were important resources and inspirations throughout my education.  Pamela's commitment to the field and influence as both an educator and an artist have continued to command my respect and are invaluable assets to the art jewellery community in Canada."

Pam Ritchie - Square Hearth
Square Hearth, 2007
Brooch: sterling, 18k gold
5.4 cm x 5.4 cm. x 1.4 cm

Photographer: Perry Jackson

Pam Ritchie - Energy
Energy, 2009
Brooch: sterling, coral, hard drive ring
Diameter: 5.2 cm

Photographer: James Steeves