Technology and Facilities

Equipped with audiovisual facilities and seminar space, studios are accessible 24 hours a day. Individual workspaces are assigned to senior and graduate students.

Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing

  • three interconnected jewellery studios, with 37 large jewellery benches equipped with flexible shafts and torches. Adjacent design tables available for upper level students.
  • adjacent casting area with large programmable burnout kiln, centrifugal and vacuum casting, vulcanizer, and wax injector.
  • polishing area with two polishing machines, tumblers and steam cleaner.
  • finishing equipment including sanders, bead blaster and sandblaster.
  • computer design stations with solid modeling programs for design development.
  • photo area specifically designed for jewellery photography.
  • ventilated chemical booth for patination, etching and powder coat painting.
  • Enamelling area with two kilns.
  • small plating and electroforming area with titanium rectifier.
  • lathe room with one large lathe, two small lathes and milling machine.
  • silversmithing studio equipped with a variety of stakes and hammers, curve bench shears, English wheel, small slip rollers, and two hydraulic presses.
  • Machine room with scroll saw, band saws, vertical and horizontal belt sanders, grinder and large drill press.
  • seminar room for slide viewing and discussion

Textiles and Fashion

  • a 12-module TC-1 Digital Jacquard loom with 2640 hooks, capable of weaving cloth 43" wide.
  • JacqCAD Master and Proweave software.
  • 4,8,12, and 16 harness floor looms of various widths, including one with an air dobby system.
  • fully equipped dye studio.
  • surface design studio with a variety of print tables, a darkroom, vacuum light tables, pressure washout, heat transfer machine, steamer, washer, dryer and commercial refrigerator.
  • fashion studios with 10 large cutting tables, 14 industrial sewing machines, 3 sergers and industrial gravity free irons.
  • knitting machines.
  • student work display case
  • seminar room for slide viewing and discussion


  • 5 high efficiency custom Blaauw kilns that are fully computer automated with manual provisions.
  • a vast selection of potters’ wheels, from various manufacturers
  • ConeArt electric kilns with Bartlett computer controllers (10 cu. foot -5, oval – 1) Two are dedicated for cone 6, four kilns for earthenware temperatures.
  • 3 test kilns
  • grinding station
  • 60 ton Ram press in a dedicated operating room with various steel die frames.
  • Computer controlled blunger for casting slip and ram blunger.
  • 2 plaster/clay drying booths.
  • Vertical shaft pug mill and 2 Ball mills.
  • 2 Soldner mixers, 2 Blue Bird mixers, horizontal shaft mixer and two casting slip mixers with on-board storage.
  • Pneumatic extruder and manual extruders.
  • slab rollers.
  • Walk-in or ‘open room’ spray booth – glaze capture screen( 2m x 3m)
  • Fully equipped glaze kitchen.
  • Glaze lab with digital scales.
  • Compressed air available throughout the department.

Dye and Print studio

Dye and print student workspace

Jewellery Studio

Jewellery student workspace

Ceramics large scale wksp

Ceramics large scale workshop and studio space

Robin Muller with Jacquard loom

Professor Robin Muller with the Jacquard loom. Photo courtesy of Steve Farmer.

Silversmithing studio

A glimpse of the silversmithing workshop