Academic Programs

NSCAD University has offered undergraduate and graduate degrees for more than 30 years. It was Canada’s first independent degree-granting art school and is a leader in providing graduate degrees.

UndergraduateNSCAD offers three undergraduate degrees:

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Achievement of the degree requires eight semesters of study (usually completed in four years), beginning with two semesters of Foundation studies.

GraduateNSCAD offers the following graduate degrees:

Master of Design
The Master of Design is a 42-credit program taken over a period of three semesters or one calendar year. The program has two streams: the “domestic” stream that addresses the needs of students from Canada, the United States, and, to a lesser extent, Europe; and the “international” stream that address (for now) the needs of students from China who wish to study design in a North American context. The “international” stream may, in the future, be extended to students from other countries who could benefit from an intensive English-language graduate program in design.

Master of Fine Arts
The Master of Fine Arts degree is awarded after the successful completion of 42 credits of course work and other program requirements (including the Final Exhibition and Thesis) taken over a 20 to 24 month period, beginning in the Fall semester. The university’s MFA Program, in existence since 1973, provides students with the opportunity to develop their work in a context of intense critical discussion. Academic studies in art history or other relevant subjects form an integral part of the program.

The university’s MFA Program addresses the main areas of study offered at the university: Craft and Fine and Media Arts.

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