Division of Design

In 2007, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design became the first university in North America to offer an interdisciplinary design degree-granting program.

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Why Choose NSCAD Design?

Today, design more than ever is having to respond to client briefs requiring a broader application of design outcomes than those initially expected by a client; across print, web, product and/or the built environment.

As a NSCAD student in the Interdisciplinary Design degree program, one is preparing to understand how a concept can manifest itself in various forms. It is the role of our courses to engage the student in this mode of designing and thinking.

While all designers, including Interdisciplinary Designers, come with their own strengths, weaknesses, and of course specialization, an Interdisciplinary Designer embraces this condition — an empowerment for locating other designers who can bring a broader palette of skill to a project.

It is true that a student may develop their own area of strength (specialization) and the courses will assist and encourage a student in this direction, however the student must strive to be inquisitive; learning from and about other disciplines, not in the hopes of becoming an expert in those disciplines but to begin to understand the questions required to respectfully and dynamically engage with a wide range of creative practitioners and, hopefully, for future collaborations. In the end, it is the expectation that the student will have begun to develop the design and intellectual skills, and confidence to understand how to bring added value to a client's brief.

Division of Design

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Human Rights Poster Project
Posters by NSCAD design and illustration students were unveiled at a national human rights conference on May 30, 2013.

For more information about this project, please see the story Spotlight on Design, poster galleries by human rights issue, and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission Art and Design Exposition program (PDF). 

Poster galleries: