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Rudi Meyer

Rank: Associate Professor

Qualifications: Diploma in Art and Design, Musée des beaux arts de Montréal. BFA, NSCAD. BA, McGill. MA, Toronto. Ph.D, McGill.

Initial NSCAD Appointment: 1998

Areas of Interest: Information and Communication Design History and Theory

Dr. Meyer earned a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), a BA from McGill University, an MA from the University of Toronto, and his Ph.D. from McGill. He has taught at both McGill and Concordia University, and now teaches at NSCAD. Dr. Meyer has traveled widely and lectured on design topics in Germany, the U.K., Canada, the U.S.A., Japan, China, and Australia. His interests include design theory and history; design and its ecological concerns, with a focus on the social importance of packaging and wrapping in various cultures; ad hoc– and non-intentional design; repair and maintenance as sources of innovation, and design as a knowledge culture. A particular locus for his work has been Japan, where he has lived, has visited annually since 1995, has carried out funded research, and, over the years, has given conference presentations in Tokyo, Tsukuba, Chiba, Osaka and Kyoto. After a stint as Chair of Design at NSCAD, he is currently the Director of its Master of Design Program.