Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Design

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Design is a 30-credit program normally taken in the Fall and Winter semesters. It is composed of a mix of Studio (21 credits) and Liberal Arts and Science (9 credits) courses. This program is not specific to any particular area of design; it is meant to be a generalist design credential, in keeping with the broad, interdisciplinary approach in NSCAD's BDES and MDES program.

Students completing the Post-Baccalaureate in Design will:

  • communicate persuasively and accurately in oral and written English, and through graphic forms within a design context
  • analyze design theory essential to the development of design strategies
  • identify, learn and then apply any practical design skills that may have been overlooked in their Bachelor’s program
  • develop an understanding of Western culture
  • develop research skills necessary for design thinking
  • deliver presentations, written papers and graphic materials at a level expected from a Canadian university graduate student

Because we expect that the majority of students entering this program will be international students, we believe that these graduates will:

  • have an enhanced understanding of the current practice of design in Western countries
  • be able to communicate more effectively in English
  • have a clearer idea of what is expected from students in a Canadian university at a graduate level
  • have a better grasp of Western culture, including a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities of individuals and the importance of critical thought and discourse

Course Work


18 credits studio courses
DSGN 4900 Advanced Design Studio 1 (9 cr)
DSGN 4901 Advanced Design Studio 2 (9 cr)

Three 3-credit Liberal Arts and Science courses
DSGN 4906 Design English (3 cr) 
DSGN 4905 Seminar in Western Design Issues (3 cr)
DSGN 2150 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Design (3 cr)

Three Studio credits from 2000 - 5000 level

TOTAL 30 CREDITS (21 cr Studio, 9 cr LAS)



DSGN 4900 Advanced Design Studio 1
9 credits (S) 
Students engage in design thinking and collaboration to develop models for understanding and solving complex problems.

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Design
3 credits (L)
This course gives students a general introduction to the history, theory and methods of current design practice. Prerequisite: Writing Requirement, or permission of Division Chair.

DSGN 4906 Design English
3 credits (L) 
This course is appropriate for students with English as a Second Language. It introduces the terminology of design and typogra- phy with a special emphasis on verbal skills: listening and verbal response. Students will be encouraged to write and present on topics relevant to design practice.


DSGN 4901 Advanced Design Studio 2
9 credits (S) 
Students employ the strategies and processes practiced in Advanced Design Studio 1 to work on a design problem of their own choosing.

DSGN 4905 Seminar in Western Design Issues
3 credits (L) 
This is an advanced seminar investigation of recent developments in design in Europe and North America.


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