The university’s drawing program is an interdisciplinary curriculum, offering approaches from art, craft and design. In the Fine Arts Division drawing courses build on skill development with a strong emphasis on Figure Drawing and Anatomy of the Human Figure. The Introductory and Intermediate Studio in Drawing classes explore drawing as a studio practice and incorporate the use of collage, mixed media, and ink wash.  


Painting at NSCAD begins with strong skill development and advanced to a more expressive, personal studio practice.  Students are encouraged to continue strong drawing skills in conjunction with the painting program. Visual phenomena are constructed through exploration of the diverse languages of paint and related materials.


NSCAD's Printmaking Program provides comprehensive instruction in all areas of print media. At the Introductory level, traditional practices in lithography, screen printing, intaglio, and relief are emphasized. Advanced course offerings challenge students to pursue disciplined studies that integrate formal, theoretical and more advanced technical knowledge including digital media.


Sculpture courses provide an opportunity to articulate experience through the material world. With a strong emphasis on skill development throughout the program, students can opt for course workshops in stone, metal and plastics. Students will explore artistic expression through diverse mediums. Idea manifested in form is a key concern.

Interdisciplinary Fine and Media Arts

Interdisciplinary fine and media arts courses allow students to explore a diverse range of visual arts concerns from an interdisciplinary approach. These courses also provide senior level students with the opportunity for independent study and internship placements.

Studio CourseARTS 4000 / ARTS 4500 / ARTS 4600 / ARTS 4700                                                               This level of independent production of art-work expects students to work toward a body of finished professional work.  Regular critical engagement with the instructor and the class is a key component.  

In order to complete registration for this course students must have met the appropriate prerequisites (ARTS 4000, Studio 1 - 9 credits of 3500 level fine or media arts courses (S) and 9 credits of Art History) and complete the "Studio Course Consent Form" for the appropriate semester signed by the Chair of Fine or Media Arts. Consent forms for Summer 2013, Fall 2013, and Winter 2014


Division of Fine Arts

If you are interested in being a Life Model for our Painting and Drawing classes please complete a Model Application Form and visit us in the Office of Academic Affairs and Research on the third floor of the Fountain Campus.