Division of Fine Arts

About the Division

The Fine Arts Division comprises the areas of Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking and
Drawing. The Fine Arts Major is characterized by a concentration in elected
combinations of these Areas, but also provides opportunity for exploration in other
disciplines. Formal, contemporary, historical, material and theoretical perspectives are
addressed within our courses. In the spirit of interdisciplinarity, Division faculty motivate
students enrolled in Fine Arts courses to be informed and appreciative of endeavors in
all creative realms. The Division is determined to foster continued excellence by
assuring that the facilities, course content, and instructional conditions are optimum for
nurturing the skills and criticality for which we are renowned.

Senior students are encouraged to consider the Professional Practice course or an Internship / Community Service Learning course within the arts or with a non profit organization. In their senior year, students enroll in advanced studio courses, in order to develop an independent portfolio which they can present in a graduating exhibition.

Division of Fine Arts

If you are interested in being a Life Model for our Painting and Drawing classes please complete a Model Application Form and visit us in the Office of Academic Affairs and Research on the third floor of the Fountain Campus.