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Ericka Walker

 About Ericka Walker

"My parents and grandparents were farmers, soldiers, teachers, and steel workers in the United States, through multiple generations of armed conflict, economic prosperity, and depression. My upbringing and socialization as an American in a working-class family, as well as subsequent employment in industry and construction throughout my young-adult life, has included a slowly evolving, somewhat illiterate sense of pride in words like honor, duty, patriotism, and service. I say illiterate because these concepts seem apparent to all, then become increasingly opaque the higher the volume is turned up. That is to say, locating their origin and substance in my life has proven elusive; to say nothing of decoding the same rhetoric in today's political, social, economic, and military climate."

Walker's current body of work is driven by her research into lithographic propaganda posters. She is captivated by the bonum commune communitatis, bonum commune hominis (good of the community, good of the individual) push-pull of anonymity and individualism that good propaganda design brings out in its viewers. Walker self-consciously occupies this uncertain personal space, citing the strong visual and textual language of propaganda as a residue of trying to make sense of our best and worst parts at the same time.

Ericka Walker was born in Hartford, Wisconsin, USA. She comes to NSCAD from Wichita State University, where she served as an Assistant Professor of Art, and the head of the printmaking area. Walker's work has been included in national and international exhibitions and exchanges, recently The 2011 Sanbao International Biennial Printmaking Exhibition, Jingdezhen, China; Ink, Paper, Process: An Exhibition of Contemporary Prints in America, Dishman Art Museum, Beaumont, Texas, USA; and The 2010 Pacific States Biennial Print Exhibition, The University of Hawai'i, Hilo, USA. For a full CV, and to view more examples of her work, please visit Ericka's website at:


 Ericka Walker - A defensive policy