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Mark Bovey
About Mark Bovey

Mark Bovey examines the world through the lens of printed histories and through the many forms of expression the medium offers, from the directness of a carved relief block to the refined output of the computer matrix. He teaches from the perspective of the mediums expressive and theoretical potential, with initial emphasis on learning the skills in introductory courses. Senior level students are encouraged to explore context, theory and more complex formal outcomes as they develop a personal language through printmaking.

Whether working with traditional means or new media installation, the printing matrix provides a way of collapsing time as he explores ideas of information entropy, restoration, transfer, deferral and recombination. His research interests explore spaces that exist in the “between”. Common topics include the history of relationships such as scientific and spiritual, individual and universal, real/imaged and simulated all of which are integrated into visual forms that the viewer is invited to traverse.

“His work begs us to re-evaluate the inventions by which we find ourselves through myth and astrology: forever looking at the night sky as some picture plane monitor upon which we project our location. But in fact, these references to birds and beasts and battleships, that collide in a lost section of a map torn from a book in a library, allow us to dream about what lies beyond those touchstones, those bits of debris we name that spin outside our imagination.”
Derek Besant (curator) “The New World” 2013 Modem Center of Contemporary Art, Debrecen Hungary

Please visit Mark Bovey's website to view a complete history of his work.

Academic Background

1996 BED Queen's University
1992 MVA (Printmaking) University of Alberta
1989 BFA Queen's University



Ghost Ship For the New World
2013, 12’ xx18’ x 10’
Mixed media installation: woodcut, digital print, dual projection (front and from above), drywall, and mirror paper