Technology & facilities

The Fine Arts Division’s Painting, Sculpture, Drawing and Printmaking facilities are divided between the Granville and Port campuses. Many of the studios are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Painting and Drawing - Granville Campus
  • studio spaces for all levels of painting including dedicated studio spaces for advanced level students
  • large classrooms dedicated to advanced drawing courses
  • individual stretcher making area under the guidance of a technician
Printmaking - Granville Campus
  • studios accommodate relief, monotype/monoprint, collagraph, and screenprinting
  • lithography facilities and materials for photo, stone and plate work
  • facilities also support intaglio methods, and photo-intaglio including zinc or copper plate etching and photo-polymer films.
Sculpture - Port campus
  • Woodshop & Metalshop under the guidance of an individual technician
  • stone carving facility 
  • plastics facility
  • foundry facility 
  • dedicated studio spaces for advanced level students

Division of Fine Arts

If you are interested in being a Life Model for our Painting and Drawing classes please complete a Model Application Form and visit us in the Office of Academic Affairs and Research on the third floor of the Fountain Campus.