Division of Foundation Studies

What is Foundation?

Your first year at NSCAD begins with two semesters of Foundation Studies. This experience builds a broad base of knowledge in the visual arts. A prerequisite for further study, Foundation introduces critical thinking, the development of a visual vocabulary, and key concepts and practices in art, craft and design. After exploring a wide range of ideas, approaches, processes and materials, you will be well-equipped to start making choices about where to focus your creative abilities and academic energies in the following years at NSCAD.

Get a glimpse at some of the courses offered in Foundation Studies:

Constructed Forms: Instructor Rebecca Hannon discusses her students' group project. View video »
Constructed Forms: Student Taylor Parks talks about her project. View video »
Modelled Forms vs Constructed Forms: Instructor Anna Sprague talks about the distinction between Modelled Forms and Constructed Forms. View video »
Modelled Forms: Student Nicole Frosst talks about the course: what she learned, the directions it took her and the work that she created. View video »
Drawing: Professor Emily Falencki explains what students will learn when taking their Foundation Drawing courses at NSCAD. View video »
 fndn-drawing2Drawing: NSCAD student Kimberly Watson discusses her final piece for her Foundation Drawing II class. View video »
Drawing: NSCAD Foundation student Marena Thomson shows us her final installation piece for her Foundation Drawing II class. View video »

Foundation Program Application Deadlines

September Entry
(Scholarship consideration)
March 1

January Entry
(Limited spaces)
October 1

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