Master of Fine Arts: Degree Requirements

The MFA Program is 20 to 24 months in duration, beginning in the Fall semester. The university currently accepts approximately ten students to the program each year, with fourteen to twenty students in the program at any one time. The MFA degree is awarded after the successful completion of 42 credits of course work and other program requirements (including the Final Thesis Exhibition and Statement).

MFA Degree RequirementsGeneral credit requirements are the same for Craft, Fine Arts and Media Arts:  42 credits of course work are required in the program (i.e., 30 graduate studio credits, 12 LAS credits of which 6 are mandatory and 6 are elective). A student may accumulate up to 54 credits with optional credits

Course Work Requirements 

Graduate Studio
Pedagogy Seminar MFAR 6100
Graduate Seminar: [topic] MFAR 6200
Graduate level Liberal Arts and Sciences (3500-4000 level)
Electives (Optional Credits)

Non-credit Requirements
  • MFA Forum (attendance and participation is required in each semester in residence, normally two fall and two winter semesters)
  • First-Year Review approved by the Advisory Committee
  • Final Thesis Exhibition approved by the Advisory Committee

Application Deadlines

Master of DesignJanuary 15

Master of Fine ArtsJanuary 15

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