Division of Media Arts
About the Division

The Media Arts Division offers courses in photography, film, sound, installation, performance, video, interactive and web media and printed matter. Undergraduate degree programs include a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in photography, film or intermedia, and an Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts, combining media arts courses with programming from other divisions.

Photography The Photography Program provides students with an opportunity to explore the practice and history of photography in the context of contemporary photographic art, documentary aesthetics and digital media. The program combines extensive course options in analogue and digital photography with attention to technical skills, the history of photography and the theoretical discussions concerning the medium. Students have the opportunity to combine Photography courses with courses in other areas to map their own program, as well as  the option to complete the BFA Major in Photography.


The major in film allows students to explore film as an art form while preparing for the complex industry of filmmaking. With a focus on hands-on learning, the program weaves together currents of dramatic, documentary and experimental film practice. In collaborative projects, students rotate among many roles: writing, acting, directing, producing, cinematography, production design, editing, and sound design. Assignments progressively challenge students to create more ambitious work while gaining experience in location and studio processes, leading to a final-year thesis project.


Intermedia students investigate non-traditional media such as sound, installation, performance, video, interactive and web media and printed matter, choosing combinations of courses to help form a personal artmaking practice. Emphasizing subjective and theoretical approaches through language, image, time, site and technology, studio work is pursued in a context of social and theoretical understandings of technology, art and culture.

From the Chakra Series by Frankie Macauley (BFA 2015)
Still (detail) from Shoreline, a film by Yalitsa Riden.