Undergraduate Studies

NSCAD’s undergraduate programs involve four years of study, leading to professional degrees and a foundation of skills and knowledge in a specific field. Undergraduate students learn to solve problems, communicate visually with a variety of tools and techniques, and think critically in an environment that encourages individual expression.

All programs start with a foundation year that fosters broad exploration of media and concepts. A second year of interdisciplinary studies encourages students to delve more deeply into specific disciplines at the introductory level. By third year, students can declare a major and proceed to advanced level classes in their field or fields of study, though they can also choose to remain on an interdisciplinary path.

Third and fourth-year students pursue individualized research in their studio and academic projects. Senior students can also participate in an off campus study program -- NSCAD offers exchanges at art schools in 15 other countries as far away as Korea and Mexico. At the end of their studies, some students stay on to complete a second major or degree, a process that usually takes another year and a half.

Student metal forging

Wood and Metal is one of five Foundation courses designed to provide first-year students with fundamental skills in art-making.