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Alumni Association

2017 Annual General Meeting

The Alumni Association consists of nearly 10,000 alumni residing in Canada, the US and abroad. Alumni stay connected through the collaborative efforts of the NSCAD Alumni Association and the Office of University Relations. They work to connect alumni to the university and each other to promote and share the achievements of alumni, encourage volunteerism, provide educational and enrichment programs and actively support the university’s fundraising efforts.

The Annual General Meeting of the NSCAD Alumni Association took place on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 5:30 pm at Art Bar +Projects, 1873 Granville Street.

Here is the report on business by the alumni association committees:

1. Reunions and Special Events Committee Committee
Alumni Homecoming and 130 celebrations
Current Members: Siobhan Cleary (Chair), Meg Kelly, Andrew Neville, Melanie Colosimo
The Alumni Association will host special events to coincide with NSCAD's participation in Culture Days, Sept. 29, 30 and Oct. 1. The university’s activities include an open house of all three campuses on Saturday, Sept. 30.

The Alumni Association Reunions and Special Events Committee plans to host the Totally Wicked Music Festival on Friday, Sept. 29. The event encourages groups of alumni, students, faculty and staff to form never-before-seen bands or performance troops to perform publicly. The Reunions and Special Events Committee suggests making the most of the popularity of this event and the Art Bar’s new patio license by expanding the event into the Granville Mall.

Andrew Neville has sourced quotes for audio and staging.

Meg Kelly, who is a member of this committee previously expressed an interest in coordinating a related activity for her NY/LA chapter.

2. Partnership and Professional Development Committee
Creative Breakfasts, Online Alumni Connector Hub and ALG Residencies
Current Members: Cameron Jantzen (Chair), Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff, Joann Reynolds-Farmer, Chantal Brine

Mentorship Program named Mirror: Mentorship + Professional Development started
Event to be held Sept 29th. Mostly planned. Will need help from all board members reaching out to publicize to network.

Looking for leadership with building professional organization links with eye to co-producing events. Cameron can do this, especially if others are taking lead on Mirror.

3. Bi-Annual Exhibition Committee
Alumni Exhibition
Current Members: Jeremy Tsang (Chair), Claire Hodge, Siobhan Cleary, Melanie Colosimo

14 applications were received for the position of exhibition coordinator. The Exhibition Committee made a shortlist and interviewed 2 candidates. Tori Fleming was selected and hired as coordinator.

The Exhibition will take place in the Anna Leonowens Gallery November 21 - December 2.

Jeremy has also a proposed a co-event in Toronto to engage alumni in that region.

The Alumni Exhibition will be inclusive of other mediums (besides 2D), including sound, performance art, film, sculpture, craft. It is proposed that an opening event could take place at Art Bar + Projects with food, drinks and performances

The Exhibition Committee is pondering how best to use supporting funds – whether by giving artists’ fees, covering shipping or producing a colour catalogue

4. Community Engagement Committee
Art Bar +Projects, Portfolio Day, Film Screenings, Alumni Recognition and Scarf Project
Current Members: Siobhan Cleary (Co-Chair), Melanie Colosimo (Co-Chair), Peter Wunsch, Cameron Jantzen

Alumni socials at Art Bar + Projects were hosted every Friday night at 5 pm throughout the summer, some were paired with artists talks e.g. Visual Arts NS put on an artist talk during the Alumni Social on July 14th with JJ Lee who is an alum.

Starting in September the socials will occur on Thursday evenings. 

An Alumni Association signature drink contest was held during the summer where alumni were encouraged to give suggestions for the naming of a signature purple drink for Art Bar + Projects.

A New Art Bar +Projects manager Jacob Perry was hired on August 24. New employee contract and employee handbook have been drawn up.

A positive meeting was held regarding the Art Bar with VP Finance, President Diane Taylor-Gearing and Melanie Colosimo. They spoke to some of their concerns which had already been addressed. Art Bar has the full support of the university at this time.

5. 150 Forward Fund Treaty Education Gallery

The Alumni Association is sponsoring the creation of a treaty education gallery, to be located at south end of Port Loggia Gallery. Initiatives such as this are a strategic priority for NSCAD under the Truth and Reconciliation Report.

A committee has been struck to engage in planning. Committee members include Melanie Colosimo and Professor Carla Taunton.

Two indigenous students are looking into what other such galleries look like as part of the research phase.

The proposed gallery is seen as having a combination of permanent exhibits and rotating exhibitions. A digital platform is also being considered as part of the project.

The proposed launch date is scheduled for Treaty Day Oct. 1, 2017 which also marks the beginning of Mi’kmaq History Month.

Importance of the gallery as an Alumni Association supported initiative that is not only timely but in keeping with the Association’s newly formed vision and mission.

6. Other Business

Kelly Markovich has proposed closer association between the Alumni Association and Nocturne. The initial idea is for the Alumni Association to offer the Art Bar as a space for Nocturne’s launch party, board meetings and other events in exchange for highlighting in the Nocturne catalogue, website and sitespecific locations during the event the participating artists who are NSCAD alumni. Conversations with Nocturne also touched on the idea of a shared bursary to be offered in 2018.

It has been put forth for consideration that the Alumni Association board consider applying for a limited balance credit card, assured by a GIC, to facilitate purchases for the Art Bar +Projects and other resources that would make the Association’s accounting more streamlined.

The “Anna Leonowens” sculpture completed by artist Vassilis Vassili during the Sculpture Symposium in 2015 will be installed at the Sands at Salter area on the Halifax waterfront on Friday, July 11. The sister piece, an anti-monument by alumna Angela Henderson, is now installed on Granville Mall. While both sculptures are abstract in nature, says Peter Wunsch, the connection to Anna Leonowens will be reinforced by a plaque accompanying each which will “explain the spirit behind it.”

NSCAD Alumni groups date as far back as the early 1940s with the Alumni Progress Award for graduating students. The present association stems from a group of concerned graduates who recognized the need for keeping in contact with former students.


The NSCAD University Alumni Association is a dynamic, member-focused organization that aims to enrich the alumni experience and build the profile of its members and NSCAD University.


By facilitating communication and sponsoring a variety of alumni programs, events and benefits the NSCAD University Alumni Association:

  1. promotes a strong mutually beneficial relationship between alumni, NSCAD University, and the community;
  2. fosters an inclusive environment based on cooperation and fellowship;
  3. assists and advances present and future alumni in the pursuit of excellence;
  4. exerts influence as a valued partner on matters relevant to present and future alumni.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is elected by alumni each year. Although, these representatives must be alumni, we encourage volunteer support from students and faculty or concerned members of the arts community. With two alumni representatives on NSCAD’s Board or Governors, we’re a voice at the policy-making level of the university.

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Siobhan Cleary (BDes 1993), President and Board of Governors Representative
Cameron Jantzen (BDes 2003), Vice-President and Board of Governors Representative
Carolyn Conde (BFA 2001), Member at large
John DeWolf (BDes 1992), Member at large
Craig Ferguson (BFA 1998), Member at large
Leilany Garron-Mills (BFA 2009), Member at large
Claire Hodge (BFA 2003, MFA 2009), Member at large
Judith Major (BFA 2000), Member at large
Leigh McGlone (BDes 2005), Member at large
Jay Rutherford (BDes 1989), Member at large
Meg Kelly (BFA 2013), New York Chapter Representative
Jeremy Tsang (BFA 2011), Toronto Chapter Representative
Peter Wünsch (BFA 1989), Immediate Past President
Dianne Taylor-Gearing, NSCAD President (Honorary Ex officio)
Evan Cameron, SUNSCAD President (Ex officio)

For more information, please contact the Office of University Relations at 902-494-8251, email


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