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Alumni Association

NSCAD Alumni groups date as far back as the early 1940s with the Alumni Progress Award for graduating students. The present association stems from a group of concerned graduates who recognized the need for keeping in contact with former students. The association’s mandate is to ensure that energy and activities center on renewing these old ties and continuing friendships at NSCAD.

The main objectives of the NSCAD Alumni Association are to help forge a link between the university, its graduates and the visual arts community. The association is committed to promoting the excellence and prestige of NSCAD by supporting programs and academic objectives. We provide resources, supply information and conduct activities to support these objectives and link alumni with NSCAD and each other.

The NSCAD Alumni Association is a vehicle for representation on committees of the university, local community groups and as a means to voice important issues.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is elected by alumni each year. Although, these representatives must be alumni, we encourage volunteer support from students and faculty or concerned members of the arts community. With two alumni representatives on NSCAD’s Board or Governors, we’re a voice at the policy-making level of the university.

Alumni Association Board of Directors
Siobhan Cleary (BDes 1993), President and Board of Governors Representative
Cameron Jantzen (BDes 2003), Vice-President and Board of Governors Representative
Kelly Markovich (MFA 2011), Secretary
Danielle Autran (BDes 2002), Treasurer
Anna Fiander (BFA 2015), Member at large
Claire Hodge (BFA 2003, MFA 2009), Member at large
Craig Moore (BFA 2000), Member at large
Jay Rutherford (BDes 1989), Member at large
Meg Kelly (BFA 2013), New York Chapter Representative
Jeremy Tsang (BFA 2011), Toronto Chapter Representative
Peter Wünsch (BFA 1989), Immediate Past President
Dianne Taylor-Gearing, NSCAD President (Ex officio)
Evan Cameron, SUNSCAD President (Ex officio)

For more information, please contact the Office of University Relations at 902-494-8251, email


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