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2017-2018 Annual Fund

Picture yourself standing at the edge of a lake. There’s not a whisper of wind, and the water is calm.


When you toss in a pebble, a ripple forms, then another and another. 
Imagine that pebble is a $10 donation to NSCAD University given monthly.  In year one, that donation has grown to $120, and in year two, to $240.

Combined with the gifts of other donors in support of scholarship and bursary funds, the ripples extend ever wider, animating the entire lake. The result is so much greater than the original impact made by one small stone. It is nothing less than life changing, as expressed by NSCAD scholarship recipients: 

“This has given me tremendous encouragement regarding my artistic pursuits … I have struggled with self-doubt and the fear of being unsuccessful. Receiving this acknowledgement is not only relieving some financial burdens but has given me hope as well."
— Cynthia Fraschetti (BFA 2021)

“After I applied to NSCAD and realized I could not attend without a scholarship, the idea of my education there became dreamlike and unattainable. However, the recent news of my award created an entirely new reality for me.” — Felicity MacIsaac (BFA 2021)

“This award will be incredibly helpful for me in the coming fall semester. I am grateful to have money to put toward purchasing supplies and to have more time to dedicate towards working in the studio instead of a part-time job. I feel so overwhelmingly touched to be recognized for my academics.”
— Tyler Anderson (BFA 2019)

Your donation in support of scholarships and bursaries at NSCAD means more than financial support. It provides encouragement. It builds confidence. It is transformative. 

This year, 2017, marks NSCAD’s 130th year as an educational and cultural leader in our community. Civic-minded women such as Anna Leonowens, Mary Helen Kenny, and sisters Ella & Eliza Ritchie laid the groundwork for the school in 1887 and we’re still feeling the reverberations all these years later. 

Start your own ripple effect. Please give to NSCAD’s 2017-2018 Annual Fund.



Your donation in support of scholarships and bursaries at NSCAD means more than financial support.
It provides encouragement.
It builds confidence.
It is transformative.

We invite you to make a gift to NSCAD's Annual Fund, either by using our online donation option or by downloading the Annual Fund donation form (PDF)

Shelley Mansel, Ripple
40 x 40 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2017

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To draw attention to the ingenuity of art and design graduates, the NSCAD Alumni Association is launching the

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Transcript Request
A transcript is a complete record of your academic history. It lists classes, grades received and other information relating to your academic career. For more details visit the Transcripts page under Student Resources.