Margaret Fountain

Margaret Fountain

“I firmly believe that the arts form the core of any strong community, and NSCAD is a part of that core.”

The granddaughter of an accomplished artist and published poet, Margaret Fountain was exposed to art at an early age and remembers being intrigued by NSCAD as a child. “It seemed like a creative place I wanted to be a part of,” she says.

Today, the internationally recognized arts patron serves as Secretary to the NSCAD Board of Governors and is a member of the University’s Executive Committee. “This is where I belong and I feel very good about being here.”

“I firmly believe that the arts form the core of any strong community,” she adds. “And NSCAD is a part of that core.”

From Margaret’s perspective, NSCAD is unlike any other school. “The students here are so engaged, so focused on their work,” she says. “They’re driven to create. It’s inside them. And the professors here help them explore and develop the skills to express what’s inside.”

“Our NSCAD students can, and do, go anywhere in the world.”

“What sets NSCAD apart is its own history,” adds Margaret. “When you consider the caliber of artists who’ve been associated with the institution, exciting innovators like Eric Fischl, Claes Oldenburg, Richard Serra, it’s astounding.”

Margaret’s life-long passion for NSCAD is grounded in the belief that a society tells its story through the arts. “Our history unfolds not only verbally and in print, but visually and through performing arts,” explains Margaret. “The arts allow us to explore our past; they write our history in a way that can be interpreted 200 years from now.”

Photograph by Jodi Bucholtz, BFA 2007