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Akshay Tyagi BFA '08

My strengths as a designer lie in the tension between structure, form, and function. Given my experience in and out of NSCAD University, I’ve been exposed to challenges as a designer that have added to the always expanding well of knowledge. As an emerging artist, I never shy away from a variety of structural and material explorations. Both the idea and usage of cloth against the human form has potential for various tangents of architectural, functional, and conceptual success and this is a constant source of inspiration for me.

My cultural background allows, yet does not limit me to find artistic inspiration by fusing Indian design philosophy and technique with the west's concept of product and design. I consistently try to find innovative ways to express this dichotomy between tradition and modernization. On this continuous journey of expression, I aim to create works that hold true to my personal philosophies and allow for ongoing discoveries as both an artist and a designer.

Akshay Tyagi was born in India and graduated from NSCAD University in 2008 with a BFA in Textiles and a Minor in Fashion. He has shown at the Atlantic Fashion Week and most recently was a finalist in Off The Cuff. He has been featured on the cover of The Coast and reviewed by He most recently presented his latest body of work, THAW, a collaboration featuring a collection of garments and  sound and movement in Halifax.

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Of Dichotomies and Identities (Detail), June 2008.
Photo: Colin Jackson

Fragmentation, February 2007
Photo: Akshay Tyagi


Structured Kurta [Road], June 2008
Photo: Shaun Simpson