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Andrea Gray BFA '07
In the decorative arts, designs traditionally reproduce culturally defined beautiful plants. My work stretches the limits of this definition of beauty.

Repeat pattern is the vehicle through which my ideas are driven. By using subject matter that reflects my natural surroundings, my work plays with the relationship between pattern, nature, and the space it defines. My designs are the result of observing the plant’s natural growth patterns and using it to dictate the design process.  The slow morphing of the natural plant pattern into a more stylized one plays with visual perception and highlights the transition between that of nature as decoration and that of the manufactured decorative space.

In the gallery, the wall provides a space for investigating the tension between our fear of nature and our need to bring the outside inside. Just as vines consume their environment, my installations consume the gallery and its occupants.


Kudzu Transition, 2010


Invasive, 2010

Vines and Dots, 2008