Masthead - line only
Anneke van Bommel BFA ‘01
Snow capped Rocky Mountains, orange pup tents, Coolers (giant and green), Mounties in their musical ride, campfires, bedrock at the oceans edge, loggers, dusty stubbies on a shelf, that photo of the Queen...these are symbols that have become a foundation for my recent explorations.

My current body of work explores the icons, symbols and clichés of Canada.  While these symbols are often nostalgic and romantic, they are symbols that I reluctantly embrace and identify as being Canadian.  These works explore an "idea” of Canada, and allude to the souvenir. The desire to take a “piece” of a place home with us and to somehow authenticate a journey is a shared one.  This common need allows us, as Canadians, to relate to one another despite our distance across such a vast nation.

My most current works are a series of acrylic drawings or silhouettes: symbols of heroes and villains inspired by Canadian history high school text books, tourism brochures, and postcards.

As I explore and manipulate these symbols I hope to emphasize the importance of identity, the power of nostalgia for places and people forgotten and the layers of meaning that develop when these symbols are distorted, combined or forgotten.


Antler Ring Series: Caribou, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Elk
Sterling Silver, 2006

You are Here: Hudson Bay Axes
Sterling silver, wood, 2007

Sound Advice
Acrylic, sterling silver, nickel, vinyl, 2009