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Arianne Pollet-Brannen BFA '09
An intense interest in the human body has lead from an exploration of anatomy to the discourse of the "fashioned" body.  Processes of deconstruction and reconstruction as well as salvage, adaptation and reuse have determined a form of wearable sculpture with an unconventional haute couture quality.

Used and discarded leather shoes are carefully taken apart, maintaining the integrity of the various sections as they would have been stitched together in the original manufacturing process.  The leather sections, of varying sizes, shapes and colour, are then reconfigured into clothing.  The resultant collage builds to create a three-dimensional containment form, hard leather sections flowing over the intense curvature of the human body. In the end, the leather is given a third life; originally the skin of animals, turned into footwear, finally becoming part of another "skin".

Other investigations incorporate the adaptation of objects that are meaningful in terms of personal ancestry, such as Flemish and Dutch wooden shoes.  Alternatively, rejected parts of garments, salvaged from fashion studio trash bins, are recycled, collaged and reconstructed with embroidery, acrylic paint, zippers and buttons to create softer sculptural coverings that often speak of costume.

Pollet-Brannen_Dress Shoes

Dress Shoes, 2008.
Photo: Jennifer Zimmer

Deer Hunters, 2009


Sweet Little Dress (fruit leather and confectionary), 2009