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Arounna Khounnoraj BFA '97
I am currently exploring notions of displacement and identity in sculptural form where work consists of accumulations of ideas and thoughts like glimpses from your self-conscious: a visual representation of a mental list.  Fragmented in nature, each work contains a collage of elements and materials which exhibit their own formal logic while at the same time suggests an object, place or use that is no longer or only partially present, remaining only as a vestige. The structures I create are forms that evolve through a slow accumulation of materials and repetitive gestures.  These processes result in small objects assembled together to create compositions and serial repetitions, with each stitch contributing to the work—repetition, pattern and form.


Red Pod, 2008. Felt and thread, 6 x4"


Green Tuttle, 2008.  Cut paper, felt, thread, handspun paper, 5 x 4"


Seed (detail), 2008. Paper, linen, thread, wool filling, 3 x 6"