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Barbara Bickle BFA '86
At the time of graduation from NSCAD in 1986, Barbara's paintings were landscapes of Halifax’s industrial waterfront. Oil rigs, grain elevators, ship hulls, smoke stacks and wharf buildings were isolated from their everyday surroundings by the elimination of familiar details set against orange, pink, or green skies to create a calm, noiseless and static environment. They became self-contained objects that took the observer to another world. She also began appropriating photo-mechanically generated images from newspapers. It was a way for her to digest these images and present them in a fragmented assemblage as opposed to the linear chronological concept of time and events that we use to structure our view of history.

In 1995, Barbara attended Sheridan College (Ontario) and received a Certificate (Post-Diploma) in Computer Graphics. This course enabled her to combine careers as web designer and artist. A current grant from the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture has given her the time to develop a body of work that incorporates a variety of her art making over the last twenty-four years. Entitled Birthmarks/Landmarks, this visual diary of the historical, cultural and political events of three generations of her family will reveal an intriguing pattern of art making and family history.


Oil Rig, 1986. Oil on canvas, 32 x 46"
Collection: Michael Hobberlin, Toronto

Portrait of the Artist's Mother, 1985. Oil on canvas, 26 x 22"
Collection: Crownx Inc. Corporate Art Collection, Toronto

Crossroads, 2003. Oil on canvas, 5 x 4'
Collection of the artist