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Camille Zakharia BFA '97
Al Bilad – With global energy demand and increases in oil prices, the Gulf States are catapulting themselves into the 21st century with an emphasis on gargantuan real estate developments and manufacturing ventures, and little or no concern on their environmental impact. But in Oman, alongside this ambitious yet disconcerting trend, there remains a dignified focus on self-sufficiency—especially in farming and fishing communities.

This series of photographs follows the course of water from its source in the mountains to the sea, and depicts how people's lives and habitats are shaped by water. It illustrates how rural and urban landscapes are being transformed as water management is mechanised. Most of all, this portfolio is my attempt to capture the authenticity of Omani villages and its people.


Bakhit b. Sad Jizan, Taqa, Dhofar, Oman 2009

Asim Bin Khalfan Bin Mansour al - Zakwani, Harat al - Sibani, Birkat al - Mawz, Oman  2007

Saleh, Muttrah Fish Market, Muttrah, Oman  2007