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Catherine Jones BFA '79

 I had the good fortune of attending NSCAD back in what some might refer to as the heyday of the 1970s. After graduating in 1979, I moved to Vancouver. In 1984 jewellery fabricating augmented what the paintings brought in. Had a few shows. Articles were written. Traveled, lived in Paris for a while. In 2004 the Senate extended an invitation to unveil a series of portraits, the following year I organized a cross-country tour, taking "the boys" with me.

By 2003, I became an official war artist. Pestering a general for three years led, in 2009, to Afghanistan—not as an artist but as a documentary filmmaker.  "How hard can it be?" I asked. Famous last words. Picking up a video camera for the first time—in a war zone, no less—involved, ah, quite the learning curve. The end result is "15:13".

Still restive and, by fate, residing back in Halifax since 2002. Painting once again. Thanks, Jerry.

jones-500 Still from 15:13, Tarnak Farm, Afghanistan, 2010.


Dance 1, Interactive oil painting on panel, 48" X 96", 1980.

jones228-2Sculpted leather neck piece with amber and tourmaline, 2008.