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Charley Young BFA '09
Charley Young is an interdisciplinary artist interested in drawing, printmaking, installation and mixed media. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta she attended the Alberta College of Art and Design. Completing her degree at NSCAD University she graduated as the class valedictorian. Currently, Charley works at NSCAD University's School of Extended Studies as an Administrative Assistant and Instructor.

Much of her artistic practice focuses on place, memory, history and heritage. Living in Halifax, she has become enamored with the ephemeral and transitory nature of both the people and architecture that surround her. Her artwork responds to the unfortunate demise of historically and architecturally significant heritage buildings within Halifax. With this strong interest in destruction and demolition her artwork combines frottage with textiles or paper to create surreal, short-term installations of a ghostly nature that serve as a tribute to lost and forgotten structures.

Young - Trinity Church

Trinity Church Detail
, 2009.

Young - Resurrection Kelly Building Installation

Resurrection Kelly Building Installation, 2009.

Young - Resurrection Kelly Building

Resurrection Kelly Building, 2009.