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Chris Straetling BFA '83
After graduating I lingered until the summer whence I moved to Vienna, unsuccessfully attempting to enter the film school there and beginning a nomadic period, with a longer stint in southern Portugal… ending up in Antwerp, Belgium where I’ve lived ever since. Aside from occasional presentations of my own work (different identities, often installation) I began a gallery (“Inexistent”) in the southern area of the city that more or less became an alternative artist-run-space type venue which lasted from 1987 to 1993, after which I sort of ran a project space in the centre of town “AK-37” where I became more involved with sound and the free local station “Radio Centraal” until teaming up with fellow artist Harry Heirmans to start up a non-profit place called “Factor 44” and being busy with that from 1996 to 2007. Aside from exhibition space it was a loose grouping that was involved in exhibitions, performance, theatrics, web, film and video both locally and abroad.

After a split towards the end of 2006 I attempted to retain some programming under the heading “Bureau Gruzemayer”… but this has begun to lead a life of it’s own and since 2007 I am busy with archival investigations and an attempt to return to basics, painting and writing.


Abode IIbis, Antwerp 2000, at "De Branderij"


Another bode (Abode IX) Scheld'apen, Antwerp 2008


Winter abode variation, MAMAC, LiËge 1997