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Christine Cheung MFA '06
For the past two years, I have completed residencies in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Canada, Austria, and Norway as part of a long-term project exploring the notion of self/other as experienced as a diaspora. Diaspora derives from the word “scattered seeds” by the Ancient Greeks.  An interest of mine is the visual representation of the notion of place as transmuted through a paradoxical and subjective understanding/misunderstanding.  Reflecting the inward emotive state of the individual, the work captures a moment of looking, and makes reference to the daily anxieties and instability of life—both in one’s national identity and everyday choices.  A density of mental as well as physical space and a sense of individual assimilation and alienation are compressed in these contained worlds. These works engage in a cultural navigation, an exploration of material and content, which resists any one simplified interpretation. The three images featured here were created during a time of increasing tightening of borders between nations as well as heightened awareness of the relationship of the products we consume with the pollution of the environment.

Cheung - The Circle Game

The Circle Game, 2008
Cheung - Figure Study

Figure Study, 2009

Cheung - Woman

Woman (I am I and You are You), 2010