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Debra James Percival BFA ‘84
Exploring possibilities and not expecting everything to work out as a masterpiece the first time.

I am Debra James Percival and professionally I call myself an Artist Printmaker. But first I am a proud mom and wife. I can honestly say my artwork is influenced by my zest for exploring possibilities through experimentation, playing with my imagined world, and my physical world outdoors. My love of the printmaking medium started with printing on fabric at College. After graduating I started working on paper and I loved the idea of editioning an image with different colors, exploring the many possibilities with one image.

I have played with lots of possibilities within the arts such as running my own printmaking studio, teaching, and falling in love with digital photography. But my main passion since 1998 has been non-toxic printmaking. Working in the medium of non-toxic printmaking, enables me to work at home. I do not need acids, or solvents, for etching my copper and aluminum plates for my artwork. This is very freeing physically and mentally. Art is a constant in my life, a mentor for the good and bad times.


Everyones Child, 2002. Intaglio

Tortured Soul, 1994. Woodcut

Want to be my Friend, 2010.
Copper etching