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Dorit Cypis BFA '74
Dorit Cypis is a professional artist and mediator currently living Los Angeles, California. Dorit has been exploring identity as simultaneously psychological and political through immersive installation, photography, performance, sculpture, and public programs since the late 1970’s. Her work has been presented internationally and has received numerous awards including from the National Endowment for the Arts, the City of Los Angeles, Fellows of Contemporary Art and many foundations including the Japan, Jerome, McKnight, Bush, Ordway and Durfee Foundations. Currently, Dorit is developing Foreign Exchanges, an initiative weaving aesthetics and mediation to create public programs and educational curriculum addressing critical engagement across personal and cultural differences.  Dorit has created and directed many public programs including Kulture Klub Collaborative, Minneapolis (1992-present), bridging survival and inspiration through artists working with homeless youth. Dorit is a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, and Chair of their Middle East Initiative, currently collaborating with Wahat al Salaam Neve Shalom, Israel, an intentional village of Palestinian and Jewish Israelis since 1978, on developing a multi-cultural mediation curriculum for use by Palestinians and Jews.

Cypis-7 Sound of Time

Liberty (Leading the People), 2003. Light-jet print, 57 x 64 x 2", after an image in the Los Angeles Times, 2001, of youth running from tear gas in a Gaza village. This image is independent and part of an immersive installation.


Galileo, 2008. Light-jet print, 48 x 48 x 2". This image is independent and part of an immersive installation.

Cypis-clay heads

Sightlines, 2005. Light-jet print, 13 x 26 x 2", of clay heads commissioned by Dorit Cypis to be sculpted by forensic scientist Dr. Irma Rodriguez, Chihuahua, Mexico, after the cover image of Newsweek Magazine, April 2002, of two Semitic teens, one Palestinian and one Israeli Jew, both killed in a suicide bombing by the Palestinian youth. This image is independent and part of an immersive installation.