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Emilie Crewe BFA '09
Addressing themes of nature, collection/archive, habitation and infestation, my video installation work attempts to create an abstract narrative that highlights familiar sensations of ordinary experiences. Utilizing close-up shots with a narrow depth of field, I resist full resolution, placing emphasis on the corporeal response of the viewer.  By composing images using a macro lens, I amplify the everyday in an attempt to reclaim what is unremarkable, discarded or forgotten.

The video component of my work often functions as a loop.  There is no beginning, middle, or end to the narrative.  It is a rhythmic and cyclical depiction of repetitive, mundane tasks.  I am interested in the non-event, and the iterative action as a means to magnify the quotidian.

My practice is constant.  I consider everyday moments, the in-betweens and intervals to be part of my art-making process.  I am a detective.  I am a scientist.  I am an archeologist uncovering the smallest detail, ready to present my findings to the viewer.

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Pith and Nails, 16 mins. Three-Channel HD Video and Stereo Sound 2010.

EmilieCrewe-228-1Sedimenting (+Orifice), Variable Dimensions, HD Video Projection, LCD Monitor with HD Video and Stereo Sound, Telescope, Sculpey, Dirt, Assorted Organic Material, Olfactory Component (Hunter’s Cover Scent - “Earth”), 2011.


Sewn Rind, Digital Scan, 2011