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Emily Gill BFA '09

My ideas come from a keen interest in learning about everything. I search for special characteristics of metal for the sake of experimentation, with the goal of finding suitable applications for them as wearable jewellery. I enjoy playing with scale; embellishing large pieces with small detail to draw attention to the workmanship and variety possible with the combined craft skills of metalwork, enameling and goldsmithing, to name a few. Likewise, I address specific themes (social, scientific, emotional, biological) often with a sense of humour and irony, and enjoy the challenge of presenting the jewellery as a question about what jewellery and designer are in the context of contemporary craft in Canada today. Writing, in combination with graphic design, which I studied prior to jewellery, allow me to complete the process of designing. Placing my ideas, however unusual, into the hands and minds of my audience, be it in a gallery, boutique, or a picture on the internet, is what truly drives me to keep making, every day. Jewellery is decorative, and it speaks like every other object or art-form, with its own unique language.

 Emily Gill Red Tag

Red Tag Sale: The Classic Necklace, Specialized Skills, Overstock Rings, 2010

Emily Gill Eros 
Incalls Only (brooch/pendant), 2010

Emily Gill Eros Type 

Artist Statement for Incalls/Outcalls Only Series, 2010