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Eric Walker BFA ‘84
I started at NSCAD in 1976 and studied on and off in both design and studio until receiving my BFA in 1984. Since then I’ve been working as a painter and media artist.

As a painter I am most known for my painted construction work. This work started with my graduating show and continues in an on-going effort to create a self sustaining body of work which employs high art and vernacular forms in a purely modernist way, with the nails exposed so to speak, to produce a comprehensive document which speaks to collective history, by focusing on a mix of commonplace subjects such as ships, trains, government buildings, airports and cities viewed from the ground and above.

My paintings have been shown around the world, including exhibitions in New York and Tokyo and are collected widely in both institutional and private collections. My single channel video works and media installations have been screened in Europe and North America and were most recently shown at FIFA, Montreal.


Still from the video Beacon, 1999
Collection, V-Tape, Toronto

The Shattered House, 1917, 2007
Collection, The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Halifax Peninsula and Railway Lands, 2005
Collection, The Ottawa Art Gallery