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Heidi Jahnke BFA '05

Many words cross my mind as I interact with the world: deformed, unfocused, strange, uncertain, excessive, absurd, abject, uncanny, convulsive, bizarre, distorted, morality, surreal, ugly, wondrous, ridiculous, funny, familiar, fiction, opposing, unusual. I take note of the imperfections, misunderstandings and inconsistencies that I encounter in my everyday, ordinary life and use painting as a way to uncover what is often ignored or meant to remain hidden. These moments I reconstruct are not noble or monumental, however their impact is significant because of their disturbing, disgusting, puzzling and humourously entertaining qualities. I am also interested in the dualities of distortion: how caricature can make things better, but also worse. Caricature offers an artistic freedom to invent or exaggerate whatever is necessary. It provides a way to convert internal ideas into external characteristics of people and objects. In the end, the imagery within each painting exists in new form from its original context and is based in a framework of tragicomedy - the absurd condition of human existence.

heidi jahnke-bunt cake-webBunt Cake, 2011, 24" x 18", oil and acrylic on canvas

heidi jahnke-cake pillow-webCake Pillow, 2011, 40" x 36", oil and acrylic on canvas

heidi jahnke-abstract hotdog sculpt-webAbstract Hotdog Sculpture, 2011, 46" x 34", oil and acrylic on canvas