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Holly New DeWolf  ANSCAD '92, BFA '93
Holly is an illustrator, author, mentor and teacher. She initially studied design but was swayed to illustration's whimsical fun side. Holly's focus is painting and writing while being an illustration advocate with a strong focus on the business side of creativity. Inspired by colour and narrative, Holly's work relies on words, song lyrics, and snippets of thoughts. She likes to "create a handmade experience" in paint with a mix of text, dots and swirls with the occasional use of collage. Colour is a constant in her images as well as many decorative detailed touches.

Recently, Holly wrote her first book Breaking Into Freelance Illustration: the guide for artists, designers and illustrators published by How Books/F+W Media. It provides a step-by-step road-map for illustrators looking to promote themselves and running a creative business. This book is a down to earth guide that fills in the creative business blanks. For Holly, nothing is more gratifying than being involved in the illustration industry. Her creative habits have served her well and now as a creative mentor, she hopes to inspire others to build the creative business they want. She has been spotlighted on Designer's Who Blog, Illustrophile, Design Inspiration, Escape From Illustration Island and the Doodle Diner.
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Image contribution for the book Your Planet Needs You.

Holly's new book Breaking Into Freelance Illustration was published by How Books/F+W Media.

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