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Janet Davis BFA '98
Janet Davis has been a professional artist since 1992

The image of the salt cod really resonates for me. It represents my history and goes back for generations in my family in Bonavista North. It disturbs me that there are Newfoundlanders who don't recognize what an icon the salt fish is for our culture. For me, it represents who I am.

Janet creates art based on daily life in her Newfoundland outport home. A salt cod, a cup of tea, and other images are represented with the emotional authority of a self-portrait. These things are not just interesting forms or textures for her as an artist. The salt cod fishery provided food, business opportunities, and a profession to several generations of her family.  In short, it is part of her identity. Janet creates prints, textile art and most recently oil paintings that explore the cultural identity of contemporary Newfoundland in her Norton's Cove Studio. Davis is best known for her portrayals of teacups, fish, and the built heritage of Bonavista North which relay sensitivity without sentiment.


Ellen (Female Caplin Series), 2007.
Watercolour lino-cut on cotton w. metallic thread, 3 x 10"

Clifford's Education Fund, 2006. Hooked mat, 8 x 10'

Portrait of Janet by Roth & Ramberg