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Jane Tilley Merks ANSCAD '87, BDes '88
I have always worked with thread—as a child creating doll clothes, as teenager creating my own clothes and as a textile artist. As a graphic designer, I work with words, type and layout. As a book artist, I create books and sometimes sequential ‘paged’ objects. More recently, as a mixed media artist, I combine all three aspect of my creative self—the craftsperson, the designer and the artist.

I have also wanted my work to communicate my ideas of how I fit into this complex world. No matter how I see myself now, I am constantly reminded that I fit into a family—as one of six sister, as a mother of two, a stepmother, a grandmother and even a great grandmother. I am surrounded by mostly women and I want to show, in my work, that I am proud of that.

I have worked hard in the last five years to bring together all the experiences I have collected in my head for years. I want my work to show that I value the contributions others have made to making my life so rich—one connection at a time.

Merks - Memory Game

Memory Game, 2008. A 60 piece interchangeable work featuring older and younger versions of myself and that of 29 of my closest female relatives. The pieces can be rearranged in any order. Hand woven damask fibre, photos, ribbon, yarn, found textiles, embellishments and wire, 11 x 11 cm (each)
Merks - Joining Together

Join Together, 2007. Using crochet directions as text, Join Together changes as the light filters behind it.  Collected pieces of crocheting and tatting embellish the work. Kozo paper, letterpress printing, threads and embellishment, 50 x 40 x 3cm.
Merks - Conect

Connect, 2007. This tunnel book celebrates the beautiful craft of old doilies and crocheting. Kozo paper, letterpress printing, old doilies, wood, string and wire, 61 x 61 x 183 cm.