Jessica Massard BFA '09

Jessica Massard holds an MFA from the University of Waterloo, BFA from NSCAD University, and Fine Art Diploma from Fanshawe College. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, and has work in several private collections. She currently lives and works in Waterloo, Ontario.

My practice consists of process-based objects made entirely out of acrylic paint.Working with and against the limits of the material, the paint is systematically cast, peeled, stretched, rolled, carved, and folded colour by colour transforming it into three-dimensional hybrid forms. The working process I have devised is predetermined and regulated, yet the element of chance is integral to the work due to material constraints. Through this, I explore the sculptural potential and plasticity of a material traditionally used for painting.

Massard-AlumniGallery500To Compress, Cut, and Pull, acrylic paint, 2011-2013.

Possibly Maybe (Installation Shot), acrylic paint, 2013.
To Fold, acrylic paint, 2012.