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Ji Yeon Hwang BFA ‘05
My work involves images interpreted through Jacquard woven structures. My camera is the starting point in working to portray some of my interests and ideas.  The journey and the experience of other cultures make me think and see things differently. My intent is to allow the viewer to communicate through my work. Creating a dialog in order to interact with the viewer is essential. Through that communication, I begin to realize that people have a different perception of the same image. I come to an understanding of people through the artwork.  Perception is an awareness of things through the senses. We all have different responses based on what we see because much of what we see depends on our past experiences, our own personalities and what we are looking for. Shifting positive and negative space and using repeat pattern create an illusion of space that is influenced by cubism. It is important to me to find the proper weave structure to apply to appropriate images and color choices for each image as a whole picture. The Jacquard process reflects my thoughts and sensations, which are inspired by cultural experiences through my journey in life.