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Joe McKay BFA '93
Joe McKay is Assistant Professor of New Media at Purchase College. He has an undergraduate degree from NSCAD, and a MFA from University of California, Berkeley. In 2000 McKay participated in the Whitney Independent Study Program. He has exhibited his work at VertexList, the New Museum, Berkeley Art Museum, ICA (San Jose), The Neuberger Museum, Postmasters Gallery, The Sculpture Center,  La Casa Encendida, and the National Gallery of Canada. In the fall of 2010 Joe will have a solo show at Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto.

Joe works in several different mediums: photo, video, programing, performance, websites, games, sculpture and he enjoys the flexibility this grants him.  His work often questions our complicated relationship to technology and digital culture.

Joe is disproportionately proud of how incredibly googleable he is.


Sunset Solitaire (production still from video), 2007. Runtime 35 mins.

Google Streetview London, 2008. Digital C-print

Cell Phone Piano, 2008. Interactive sculpture