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John Baird MFA ‘77
Eye of the World (a revisionist history of television) is a 6 minute digital video (DV) collaborative video project with Rich Shelton. Rich, at a residency in Ireland, e-mailed to inform me that there are more than 10,000 references to John Baird in Google (just to bug me I gather). John Logie Baird, Scottsman/inventor, developed first working mechanical versions of television and got ripped off by the Marconi Corporation and BBC. When Rich got back we decided to do a video project about the John Logie Baird story. Rich teaches animation, among other things, and we started playing around with the clay painting wall and its ‘slow dissolve’ ability, its gradual fading of imagery painted on the surface with water; the surface seemed ripe for a storyboard. We rendered imagery from our collective memories of the "history of television" for the duration of one 60 minute DV tape, parsed by time lapse into 6 minutes and layed down a sound track featuring lots of theramin and synth. The final work was enter in to the IFP MNTV series, and was aired in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Components: a clay wall, a DV camera, an iBook, i Movie, i DVD = “Eye of the World.”